Gift of a New Acoustic Guitar and Lessons for Molly (November 2014)

I contacted Music is the Medicine looking for someone they knew would benefit from a guitar, and they helped me connect with Molly. I knew this was a perfect fit when I heard her story.

"Molly is an 18 year old who has learned to manage through life with the challenges of Asperger’s. Although she will tell you that she doesn’t have a disability but an ABILITY to see the world in a better light."

When asked what music means to Molly, her response was beautiful.

"Music means comfort and helps me understand the world. When society tries to promote things that are not important, music directs us back to the heart. Music makes me feel relieved, at ease, relaxed and lifted up- like living an adventure movie or getting to be with friends I never met.”

We had a wonderful night meeting Molly and her family and brought Molly up on stage before Chicago Farmer’s show to present her guitar (video below). Since that evening, Cody and I went to watch Molly perform in a holiday play and continue to stay in touch.