I connected with Cunningham Children's Home and learned that with a tight budget, their music therapy program did not have funding for needed instruments. This donation is being used to purchase several djembes (drums) for their music therapy program. I will check back with them to learn what they were able to purchase and share an update!

March 2018: 🎶 Music Therapy Donation Story UPDATE! Cunningham Children’s Home sent me this picture of the djembes they purchased for their music therapy program with Twice Upon A String's grant, along with this sweet story:

“Recently, several of our kids were practicing their music for an upcoming event. Their voices and drumming got louder and louder as they got into the music. Afterwards, they erupted into laughter. I sat in my office listening to them and thinking how music had given them a special moment to unite in joy. That’s a huge gift for some kids who have lived through difficult circumstances. And it’s a gift you are helping us to expand.”

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