Railroad Earth Tree, Agate with a Painted Owl

Railroad Earth Tree, Agate with a Painted Owl


Strings:  Played and donated by Railroad Earth, John Skehan, Mandolin
Gemstones: Faceted Multi-Colored Agate
Charm: Carved and Painted Owl

You can see the loops on the right where these strings were attached to the mandolin.

This pendant comes with an adjustable 16-18-inch necklace with a silver lobster claw clasp.

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🎸 About Twice Upon A String  and Charity Donations:
After creating the music we love, instrument strings typically end up in a landfill. Twice Upon A String   is an environmental way to reuse and a beautiful connection to the music.

* 20% funds music and art therapy programs for non-profit organizations. For more information, please visit: https://www.twiceuponastring.com/donation-stories

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